January 2009

I co-presented a paper with Luanne Burns on "Exploration of Software Behavior with Function Extraction Technology" at the Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS)

November 2008

Concordia (video not yet releaseed) is a Concurrent Cord Architecture for processing large amounts of information using an analogy to the human neocortex structure.

November 2008

I created a video for Axiom which is available on youtube. This is the first in a tutorial series.

May 10, 2005

I gave a talk on Axiom -- 30 Years of Lisp to the New York City Lisp Users Group.

April 21,22 2005

An Axiom Conference was organized and run.

The conference featured a "sprint" day before the conference to gather developers together to discuss the future directions of Axiom.
I gave a talk on "Axiom -- The 30 Year Horizon"

April 2005

New version of Axiom released

Axiom has been ported to a new GCL base and includes additional domain documentation.

March 2005

Magnus released

Magnus is a special purpose computer algebra system to do experimental computation for researchers in Infinite Group Theory.

February 2005

Feature Complete version of Axiom released

Axiom now has all of the features of the original commercial version of the system recreated and working.

January 2005

Axiom, "Feature Complete" version ported to Sun Microsystems Solaris 9.

December 2004

Axiom Hyperdoc re-written and released

Hyperdoc is the Axiom documentation browser. It includes the ability to execute Axiom commands and run graphics from within the browser.

November 2004

Axiom algebra ported to Microsoft Windows.

October 2004

Axiom Graphics re-written and released

Axiom has a strong graphics package that runs as a separate process. Multiple processes and interprocess communications as well as the graphics are now functional.

July 2004

ISSAC 2004 CD conference proceedings created and distributed thru ACM

This is the first time that proceedings from any ACM conference have been made available on CD.

May 26,27 2004

An invited talk at ECPI on Open Source Philosophy was given.

This lecture was based on the class notes from the Open Source class taught in the fall of 2004 at City College.

April 2004

Axiom Book written and released

The original Jenks-Sutor book has been completely rewritten and released in electronic form.

February 2004

Open Source Programming

Open Source Programming was a course taught in the fall semester at City College. It gave an overview of the philosophy, tools, and techniques of open source programming.

January 2004

First release of Axiom with complete algebra.

Axiom consists of several independent components including the algebra, the graphics, and the hyperdoc document browser. The algebra portion has been rewritten into literate programs and released as open source.

September 2003

Computation Group Theory
Helped organize the Computational Group Theory workshop and conference at City College of New York
Sept. 22-25, 2003.

August 2003

Axiom was released as free and open source software in August, 2003

ISSAC 2003
Agreed to lead an effort to produce an Electronic proceedings for ISSAC 2004 on CD.
This is a cooperative effort with ACM, the Association for Computing Machinery
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, August 3-6, 2003

July 2003

Open Source Conference
Invited speaker: Axiom
Metz, France July 9-12, 2003
Invited speaker: Literate Programming
Metz, France July 9-12, 2003

May 2003

Software for the Working Mathematician
Helped organize the Software for the Working Mathematician conference at City College of New York
May 15-16, 2003.